domingo, 20 de mayo de 2018

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President Donald J. Trump is donating his first-quarter salary for 2018 to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Eli Okun reports for Politico. The President has pledged to donate his salary to government agencies; most recently, he donated to the Department of Transportation.
The Associated Press
Gina Haspel has been confirmed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency after a number of Democrats joined with Republicans in a Senate confirmation vote on Thursday. Haspel, who was supported by many in the CIA rank-and-file, will be the first female director in the Agency’s history.
- Reuters
Because of President Trump’s massive reform of America’s tax code, more U.S. companies are investing in technology, equipment, and facilities this year. “First-quarter capital expenditures total $159 billion, up more than 21 percent from a year ago and on track to be the highest year-over-year growth since the third quarter of 2011, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices data,” Caroline Valetkevitch writes.
- USA Today
First Lady Melania Trump tweeted on Wednesday a “sincere thank you to Walter Reed Medical Unit & to all who have send good wishes & prayers.” She added that she is feeling great and looks forward to returning to the White House after a successful embolization procedure this week.
- Breitbart
At a roundtable discussion on sanctuary cities this week, President Trump emphasized that “the United States was not opposed to immigration based on skills,” Charlie Spiering reports. “We want people to come into our country based on merit. We’re not looking to keep them out, we need to bring them in,” the President added.
The President reminded our NATO partners this week that members who do not contribute fully to the alliance will be “dealt with.” President Trump called on countries to “demonstrate leadership in the alliance by addressing its longstanding shortfall in defense contributions.”
The Daily Caller
Meet the working moms of the White House—Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, and White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp—who have a total of 12 children between them. They hold some of the most influential roles in our government while executing the duties that all working moms share.

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