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Ban the animal death ships

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She's literally cooking from the inside 

A whistleblower secretly filmed this -- thousands crammed on a filthy ship, slowly boiling to death in the blazing heat. Millions are transported like this every year! But now governments are scrambling before a global meeting on animal welfare -- let’s build a massive call to end these death ships! 


Dear friends,

A whistleblower has secretly filmed thousands of sheep, crammed on a filthy ship, cooking alive in the blazing heat.

It's a giant floating death camp -- and MILLIONS are transported like this every year. But now we have a rare chance to save them! 

The World Organisation for Animal Health meets in weeks, and in the wake of this horror footage, some of the biggest animal exporters are considering a full ban on live shipping for slaughter!

A public outcry already won this in New Zealand. Now, if enough of us build a massive global call we could save millions from this cruel fate. Sign now and tell everyone! 

Sign now: Stop the animal death ships!

Right now, countries like Australia, Brazil and the UK are reviewing their trade rules. And if we make this campaign huge, get the film everywhere, and run opinion polls showing massive public demand for compassionate animal welfare, we’ll ramp up the pressure before this global meeting, and win.

The live export trade is horrific. Cattle, sheep, and other animals are loaded onto giant ships, trapped in overcrowded conditions with limited access to water and food. But the worst part is the heat -- so extreme that vets say many animals actually cook to death. Then the dead animals are thrown overboard to hide the evidence! 

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 -- let's show the world's people are united against this barbaric, needless suffering.  

Sign now: Stop the animal death ships!
Avaazers have powered undercover investigations and raised the alarm about cruelty to animals time and again. Now, let’s take on and take out the live export trade.

In shock and determination,
Mike, Bert, Rewan, Nick, Jenny, Alice, Ricken and the entire Avaaz team

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