viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

Celebrate Domestic Workers' Day with us!

Today it is International Domestic Workers’ Day – a day to celebrate the 67 million individuals who are employed in domestic work.[1]

Will you celebrate with us by sharing this graphic to show you support domestic workers?
Domestic workers are a hugely important part of the global workforce, but they are also one of the most vulnerable. This year alone there have been multiple cases of domestic slavery making the headlines:
Too often the plight of domestic workers is hidden behind the closed doors of private households. Their rights remain unprotected by national legislation. One of the best ways we can start to change this is by standing up and shouting about the situation. 

Help raise awareness of domestic slavery on International Domestic Workers’ Day by sharing our graphic with your friends and family.

By working together, we can fight for the rights of the millions of individuals who deserve to be recognized for their work - not exploited and oppressed. 

In hope, 

Zoe, Joanna, Miriam and the Freedom United Team

P.S. Will you chip in with a donation to help us take forward our work on modern slavery?

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