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Sara, survivor of domestic slavery

Help protect domestic workers in the UK
Dear el dispreciau,
"We don't have any days off. We don't have any freedom. We are in a cage. Sara, survivor of domestic slavery. Click to watch her story.
When we spoke to Sara, we knew we had to do something to help.
Excited for a new opportunity and the chance to help her family financially, Sara was taken to the UK by a wealthy family to work as their domestic helper.But far from the life she imagined, she found herself locked in the house, working round the clock, with no-one to turn to for help.
With support from a neighbour, Sara was able to escape, and is now doing everything she can to help domestic workers still trapped in slavery.
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Why Take Action?
In 2012, the UK Government introduced the tied visa, which prevents overseas domestic workers from changing employers. Fortunately for Sara*, she entered the UK before 2012 and was able to find another job and support herself after escaping slavery. Now that is not an option.
The tied visa increases the risk of domestic slavery because trying to escape from exploitative situations could mean facing arrest, removal from the UK, or even further exploitation.1
Alongside our partners, Justice for Domestic Workers and Kalayaan, we want other domestic workers living in slavery to find the same freedom Sara did. Stand with us and demand rights for overseas domestic workers.
In Solidarity,
Zoe, Joanna & the whole Walk Free team.
*Name changed to protect victim’s identity
All domestic workers deserve respect and
protection for what they do - join usin calling
for an end to domestic slavery and take action
on one of our campaigns.
Walk Free is a movement of people every where,
to end one of the world's greatest evils:
Modern Slavery.
*1 Kalayan Justice for Migrant Domestic Workers

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