miércoles, 23 de agosto de 2017

OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE || No Higher Priority Than the Safety and Security of the American People

Donald Trump’s new American strategy for Afghanistan will undo past failures

- Vice President Pence in USA Today

In USA Today, Vice President Mike Pence writes that under the Trump administration, “America will not write a blank check for countries that fail to root out the same forces who try every day to kill our people.” President Trump has “no higher priority than the safety and security of the American people,” the Vice President pens, adding: “Since the very first day of our administration, he has taken decisive action to protect our citizens, our country and our very way of life.” The President’s Afghanistan policy reverses the previous administration’s arbitrary end date on military operations, ensuring that “our armed forces will have the resources and authorization they need in order to succeed,” adding: “Bureaucrats don’t win battles; our brave men and women in uniform do, and they deserve the flexibility they need to fight and win every time.”
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The Atlantic's Kori Schake argues the American people and pundits alike should "give Trump credit for his Afghanistan plan" in that by "avoiding timetables and holding Pakistan accountable, he seeks to reverse the mistakes of the past."
The New York Post editorial board calls President Trump’s Afghanistan strategy “a much-needed pragmatic realignment of US policy – in this war and beyond,” saying the approach “bespeak a clear sense of facts on the ground and what’s needed for US troops to win.”
And The Weekly Standard reports on Congressional Republicans’ widespread praise for the President’s speech and new strategy.
The Washington Examiner previews President Trump’s visit to a border patrol station in Yuma, Arizona, today, noting that “the trip marks the first time Trump will return to the southern border town as president."
In positive energy news, Fox News reports that Pennsylvania’s Corsa Coal plans to open its second new coal mine since President Trump took office, with CEO George Dethlefsen saying that “the war on coal is over” and that there is a “direct link” between the President’s policies and the company’s decision.

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