viernes, 11 de agosto de 2017

OPEN, OPEN YOUR MIND, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE || No Regrets Among the Trump Base

"No Regrets Among the Trump Base"

- Nolan Finley, The Detroit News

The Detroit News’ Nolan Finley published an article about a Wednesday meet and greet for supporters of President Trump at a White Lake, Michigan restaurant. Finley reports “(t)he Trump base is not as angry as I expected, not as defensive and certainly not as disappointed in how the presidency of the man they carried into office is unfolding,” with one supporter saying “if you look what he’s accomplished in the short time he’s been in office, it’s incredible.” President Trump’s backers blame Congress, not the President, for not “doing what we sent them there to do” according to one patron.
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This morning, Bloomberg released their weekly Consumer Comfort index, showing “Americans last week registered their strongest optimism in 16 years” based on “upbeat views about the state of the economy, their personal finances and the buying atmosphere.”
In the Washington Times, columnist Charlie Hurt writes “Under Trump, Homeland Security actually gets around to securing the homeland,” noting illegal immigration is down nearly 70 percent since the President took office, with the “department’s mission switched to stopping illegals at the border, detaining those who had crossed illegally and deporting those here illegally.”
At Fox News, David Bossie writes that the liberal media is wrong about Republicans making moves to run against President Trump in 2020. He writes “These fake news stories are in the interests of the liberal agenda because they raise manufactured questions about the president’s standing with Republican primary voters and are meant to cause division among conservatives. Try as they might, the American people are too smart for the elitist gamesmanship going on in the boardrooms at the New York Times and Washington Post.”
The Washington Post details an epic “screw-up” in a New York Times climate change story, which needed a correction. Without checking with the White House first, the Times charged the Trump administration was trying to suppress a damaging draft report on climate change – a premise that was factually wrong. The report had been publicly available for comment since December, and the White House review hasn’t missed the August 18 deadline, the Post reports.
In regards to tax reform, at the American Action Forum, former CBO Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin writes that economic research “increasingly” shows that workers bear the brunt of corporate income taxes, meaning that a tax reform which brings down the corporate rate could “mean a big raise for America’s workers.”

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