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Lena Dunham turns transgender thought cop | August 8, 2017 | MercatorNet |

Lena Dunham turns transgender thought cop

August 8, 2017  | MercatorNet |

Lena Dunham turns transgender thought cop

You might not be interested in these culture wars but believe me, they are interested in you.
Laura Perrins | Aug 8 2017 | comment 1 

Is it just me or are things a bit tense? It seems like the minute you step out of your front door, someone claims they are “hurt” by basic reality. It is exhausting, keeping up with everyone’s feelings and emotions. These days regular life can seem like an onslaught because everything is political and even basic biological facts like what is male and female are up for grabs.
To make matters even worse this transgender agenda to remake reality has a distinctly totalitarian feel to it. Let me take three examples of the authoritarianism of the next step in the Cultural Revolution. The transgender activists and campaigners do not just want you to get on board with the new gender bending reality – they want you out of your job if you disagree with their lies.
First there was actress Lena Dunham (of Girls fame) in the US, who like a proper little communist decided to shop the working women of American Airlines to their employers for having a non-approved conversation about transgenderism. The employees, female attendants, were allegedly having a private conversation about the transgender phenomenon and they had not sought approval for their speech from Lena Dunham – aka Thought Cop. American Airlines have since said they could not substantiate the claims of such a dastardly conversation.
What was Dunham hoping to achieve by ‘snitching’ on these women? Perhaps she wanted these women (who probably have families) sent to re-education camp to get their views in line?
Or perhaps she wanted them to be publicly shamed? Or maybe, just maybe, she wanted them fired, thereby plunging them and their families into economic hardship? That’s pretty nasty bullying from the Left.
A similar kind of story hit the news then in UK, where Paul Embery, a senior Fire Brigades Union official, expressed via Twitter disquiet over Justine Greening’s attempts to remake reality by allowing people ‘choose’ their gender.
Unhappy that someone should disagree with this proposed Government policy, another transgender firefighter said the comments were ‘transphobic’ and “incited hate”.
Katie Cornhill, who was nominated for the service’s Woman of the Year award in 2016 (of course he was), told PinkNews that Embery’s remarks constituted “a hate incident that should be investigated by the police.”
What were these hateful remarks from Embery? Why they were along the following lines: He wrote: “Coming next: short people may identify as tall, fat people may identify as thin, and ugly people may pretend to be George Clooney.”
Embery also said that “forcing society to recognise someone as one gender when he/she maintains the anatomy of another is ludicrous,” later calling the concept“Orwellian”.
Little did Embery know that we are living in a real life Big Brother! Cornhill, makes no bones about it: he wants Embery out of his job. Embery “doesn’t deserve to be in the Fire and Rescue Service,” Cornhill said firmly. Did he indeed?
Here is someone who gets on board the outrage train and demands his fellow firefighter be fired. They are a nice bunch, the activists are they not?
Finally we have the National Trust who demanded their volunteers to wear what I believe is a political badge - the rainbow flag.
No one knows what this flag/badge stands for anymore – is it legal equality for gays and lesbians, or the remaking of  reality in the form of the transgender revolution? Sometimes Q and A are added onto the LGBT part, sometimes it is just LGBT+. The point is this ambiguity demonstrates it is a political symbol now and people should be no more forced to wear such a badge then they should be forced to wear a Vote Leave badge.
Employers should not have the right to force their employees, or indeed volunteers, to endorse a political ideology or indeed ‘flair’. Employers use their employee’s labour; they are not entitled to their minds and souls.
So, in sum: it is getting hot out there. I do not have much hope for the future if every disagreement is going to be turned into ‘a hate crime.’ We have enough of the real thing, thanks, than for employers to be bullying their employees or for employees to be seeking others to be sacked or censured over political disagreements. This is an abhorrent form of bullying. It is vile authoritarianism that will cause people to self-censor and withdraw.
I urge all readers not to do this. People are entitled to respect and to express themselves how they want. They are not entitled to bully and harass you out of a job, or off Facebook, or whatever forum you have to be on.
And no, don’t bother thinking you just want a quiet life, leave me alone. You might not be interested in these culture wars but believe me they are interested in you. As Lena Dunham states on her Twitter profile: ‘silence will not protect you.’ So speak out.
Laura Perrrins is Co-Editor of The Conservative Woman. Republished from TCW with permisison.


August 8, 2017

What are the big, attractive, progressive ideas of 2017? I suppose that they would be freedom, equality, progress and human rights. But as John Lawrence Hill points out in today's lead interview, these notions can be traced back to the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks. In a sense, we are just reprising their debates about the natural law, an order which is built into the very nature of things. As he points out, without some sort of universal code, human rights eventually crumble:
After World War II, we tried the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg but they raised a perfectly good legal defence: What law are you going to try us under, they questioned? OUR law – German law – permitted our actions, as horrible as they may seem to you. And YOUR law did not apply to us. So what law is it under which you are trying us?  The Allies could only respond with something that looked exactly like the natural law. 
Equality is another gift from the Christian view of the natural law; every person is equal in the sight of his Creator, and therefore before the law. What Professor Hill contends is that causes like "marriage equality" only make sense in a culture built on the natural law tradition, even if its supporters want to wreck it. A very thought-provoking argument. 
On another note, New Media Foundation is looking for a General Manager and a Marketing Director for MercatorNet and BioEdge, its other website. More details here:

Michael Cook

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