sábado, 5 de marzo de 2016

Help end forced labour - Walk Free

Help end forced labour - Walk Free




Argentina must act quickly to adopt and implement the new international law1 to prevent abuses, protect victims, as well as punish those that force people to work in conditions of slavery.
We have already waited decades for this tough new global standard against forced labour. The people trapped on farms, in mines, in factories and in all the other places where forced labour flourishes shouldn’t have to wait while our policy-makers drag their heels to put this law into practice.
All countries must prioritise this effort to end forced labour: call on the Government ofArgentina to adopt this new law immediately. 
This law — known as the Protocol of 20141 to Convention 292 — creates new responsibilities for governments in the fight against forced labour, the key measures cover:3
  1. Prevention. Governments are obligated to create national action plans to tackle forced labour and support business to root out and respond to forced labour in their supply chains.
  2. Better protection for victims. This includes the safeguarding of vulnerable migrant workers against fraudulent and abusive recruitment practices.
  3. Justice. Victims are now protected from prosecution for crimes they may have committed as a direct result of their forced labour. They also have access to justice, including the ability to claim for compensation for the abuses they have experienced, where they occurred.
Our collective voice can keep forced labour on the agenda and ensure swift action by the Government of Argentina. Act now!

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