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Walk Free | Show your support for a Yemen free of Forced Child Marriage - Walk Free

Dear Victor Norberto, (el dispreciau)
You may remember the story of Rawan – the eight-year-old Child Bride who was reportedly raped to death on her “wedding night.”1
Rawan's story has served as inspiration for a renewed international campaign to end Forced Child Marriage in Yemen and around the world. Today, while the fight is not over, we wanted to share a few positive signs that momentum is building in Yemen to protect children from Forced Marriage: 
  1. Recently, the National Dialogue Conference of Yemen approved a proposal to make 18 the minimum age for marriage in Yemen’s new Constitution.2
  2. Concerned Yemeni citizens are leading the fight to end this form of modern slavery, intervening to stop Forced Child Marriages as they take place.3
  3. Building on the first step announced by the NDC, the Yemeni Human Rights Minister Hooria Mashour spoke out on the global stage, saying that ending Forced Child Marriage in Yemen is a priority of her ministry.4
These are major steps but there is still local resistance to ending Forced Child Marriage in Yemen.  
We’ve heard from our partners on the ground that anti-slavery activists face death threats and attempted bombings on a regular basis. This makes Minister Mashour's action as a public advocate for ending Forced Child Marriage so incredibly brave and sets an example for others. We want her to know the world stands with her, will you help? 
The story of Rawan sent shockwaves throughout the world, and exposed just how prevalent Forced Child Marriage is in Yemen. You, along with 331,095 members of the Walk Free Community, took action asking the Government of Yemen to introduce legislation banning marriage for anyone under the age of 18. 
While progress has undeniably been made towards ending Forced Child Marriage in Yemen, we can’t let the momentum falter. The political situation in Yemen is by no means stable, and constant cultural and political fighting could derail further progress towards ending this form of modern slavery. We need to keep Forced Child Marriage on the agenda in Yemen, which is why we need to show support for those on the ground so bravely pushing for an end to this form of slavery.
They face a constant battle to have their voices heard - we want them to know that we hear them, and they’re not fighting this battle alone.
When you’re done, please forward on to three of your friends to triple your impact.
Together, we can be part of history as Yemen ushers in a new era. Hopefully, one where every young girl and boy is protected from a life of domestic and sexual slavery.

In solidarity,
Debra, Kate, Mich, Jess, Kamini, Andrew and the Walk Free Team

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