martes, 28 de mayo de 2019

At home and in the world | The Indian Express

At home and in the world | The Indian Express

At home and in the world

Under PM Modi, the aspiration is for a new, global version of Indian modernity.

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Unlike Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi has a distinct caste identity, and, he champions the cause of class. (PTI Photo)

“Majoritarianism” and “demagoguery” have been the most frequent terms used to describe the 2019 elections results. However, the dominance of the will of the majority and the appeal of a leader with the ability to incite passions has also been a common feature — in different degrees — at other times in our history. The current appeal of these strategies to gain power requires different explanations, ones that are not as easily arrived at through surveys and exit polls that seek to gauge the voters’ political intent. Certain socio-cultural changes over the past two decades or so have re-made Indian identities across class and caste divides in ways that allow us to understand the appeal of contemporary political strategies. If “Narendra Modi” has been the answer, what are the grounds for the questions that are being asked?

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