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Pieces of a campaign | The Indian Express

Pieces of a campaign | The Indian Express

Pieces of a campaign

To win Gujarat, parties play the same game. The line between caste interest, pride and jingoism is thin

Written by Ghanshyam Shah | Published: December 9, 2017 12:05 am
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For the first time, in 1967, the Gujarat Congress acknowledged the rising aspirations of leaders of various social groups, and distributed party tickets in the elections accordingly.

For political expedience, the Congress has supported Hardik Patel, the leader of the Patidar agitation. It has now promised to meet his demands by creating a “special category” of those communities which were not getting the benefit of reservations. Granting the genuineness of grievances of the Patidar youth, the proposed solution is illusory at best and retrogressive at worst. It will strengthen the dominance and hegemony of the upper castes.

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