sábado, 23 de diciembre de 2017

OPEN YOUR MIND :: The benefits of tax reform

How three different households will fare under the tax bill

CBS News reports “most Americans will get a tax cut next year under the plan Congress passed this week.”

CBS News evaluates three different households and the effects of the newly passed legislation. A single mother who rents a home in Cary, North Carolina, with an income a little under $40,000, will receive a tax cut of $1,300 in taxes next year. Married homeowners with no kids in Providence, Rhode Island, who earned more than $150,000 will owe $650 less than before. Lastly, a married couple with three children in Fresno, California, who made around $300,000 last year could be eligible for nearly $13,000 less in taxes.
The Wall Street Journal editorial board wrote that since Congress passed tax reform, “at least six large corporations had announced plans to do more for their employees, explicitly attributing their action to the tax bill’s business tax reforms.” In arguing for the benefits of tax reform, the Journal writes: “A wide body of research suggests that corporate tax reform that lets companies retain a greater share of earnings will benefit workers in higher wages.”
The New York Post editorial board writes that Ambassador Nikki Haley played hardball with the United Nations—and it worked. Her “blunt talk” defending the U.S. declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel “was long overdue.”
Fox News reported yesterday that President Donald J. Trump visited wounded veterans at Walter Reed and awarded the Purple Heart to 1st Lt. Victor Prato of the 127th Airborne Engineer Battalion. Prato suffered “multiple soft tissue injuries following a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device blast while deployed in Afghanistan last month,” Fox News writes.
Townhall reports that about one in five inmates in federal prison are foreign-born, with illegal alien incarceration costing American taxpayers nearly $2 billion each year, according to a new report from the Department of Justice.

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