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Strong anti-slavery laws for Australia?

Since sending you our new campaign, our partner Stop the Traffik Australia traveled to the capital city Canberra, to meet with politicians and their advisors. Our partner told them about the support the campaign has received so far and pushed to ensure Australia's new modern slavery law is robust and helps secure progress towards goods being produced free of modern slavery. Our calls were listened to carefully.

Will you join us and add your name?

We have good news to share! Australia is taking steps towards creating new modern slavery laws that could help protect the rights of vulnerable workers worldwide. We know all too well that many workers in Asia endure forced labor to bring us the garments, foods, electronics and other goods we enjoy.
In August, the Australian government invited businesses and civil society organizations to contribute ideas to new requirements for companies. This week, the consultation period ends and the Australian government will move forward with recommendations.
Will you join us in calling on Australia to propose a robust Modern Slavery Act?
Though a national law, its reach — like the supply chains of many companies — will go far beyond Australia's borders and has the opportunity to improve the lives of people in forced labor. This is especially true in Asia-Pacific. Much of the world’s and nearly half of all Australia’s goods come from this region and an estimated 30 million people are living in modern slavery.[1]

In 2014, we campaigned alongside politicians, nonprofit organizations, faith leaders and thousands of supporters like you to ensure the UK’s Modern Slavery Act included company reporting.[2] We won then and we can do it again!
Currently, the UK is the only country in the world that has a modern slavery law requiring large companies to look into their supply chains and report on how their practices contribute to slavery. Sadly, the law doesn’t include government purchases or make companies take action to fix problems nor does it penalize companies that don’t comply. Australia is looking to model its law after the UK, which risks it being weak, and we don’t want this to be a missed opportunity to help improve protection and abolish modern slavery.
Tell Australia to leverage its buying power and improve the lives of vulnerable workers by proposing a strong Modern Slavery Act.
We will be presenting the petition to the Australian government minister responsible, the Hon Michael Keenan, Minister for Justice. Make sure your name is included!
If Australia proposes a strong and robust law that sets new global standards in protecting victims and requiring business to be held accountable, other nations will have a higher bar to follow.
Instead of contributing to the global slavery problem, Australia can be part of the solution.Join us in calling on Australia to be a global and regional leader in the fight against modern slavery.
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In solidarity,
Joanna and Carolyn with the teams at Freedom United and Stop the Traffik Australia
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[1] http://dfat.gov.au/about-us/publications/trade-investment/australias-trade-in-goods-and-services/Pages/australias-trade-in-goods-and-services-2016.aspx
[2] https://www.freedomunited.org/our-impact/transparency-supply-chains-england-wales/

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