lunes, 13 de noviembre de 2017

IMAGINE YOUR WORST EXPERIENCE. How Would you want your story told?

Here’s your exclusive preview of the My Story, My Dignity Pledge, ahead of its launch at an anti-slavery conference in London this Wednesday!

Are you an early adopter of the My Story, My Dignity Pledge?

Do you, like us, want to see survivors' stories reported with respect and dignity? We have been calling on major media houses to cover modern slavery accurately.[1] And we know that it’s not just media houses writing about modern slavery, so now we’re asking everyone to get involved!

That’s why we’re launching the Pledge at a major conference, attended by global corporations, government representatives, and human rights activists, to explain why it’s important to adopt the My Story, My Dignity Pledge.[2]

Add your name to show your support for the Pledge before Wednesday's conference.

The My Story, My Dignity Pledge calls on everyone, in their personal capacity or as part of an organization, company or institution, to adopt the following four principles:

  1. Choose respectful images that are representative of the issue. Choose stock images carefully.
  2. Select text that accurately represents the story. Be careful to avoid sensationalist language.
  3. Respect survivors' right to privacy and dignity.
  4. Obtain prior consent to using a personal story, be transparent and accurate about the process and how it will be used.

Why is this important?

The My Story, My Dignity campaign is the result of our partners’ work with survivors to develop guidelines for the media; Freedom United’s incredibly impressive advisors who have endured trafficking and modern slavery; and the powerful testimonial of activists who have shared their experiences of working with the media, and its impact.

Hear survivors explain why My Story, My Dignity matters.

By spreading the word, we can help shift reporting and communications from negative and shocking, to constructive and empowering, creating a supportive space for change towards a world free of modern slavery.

In solidarity,

Joanna, Miriam and the Freedom United Team

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