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Ukraine updates: Germany's Scholz welcomes US aid package © 2024 Deutsche Welle ++++

Ukraine updates: Germany's Scholz welcomes US aid package Published 4 hours agoPublished 4 hours agolast updated 6 minutes agolast updated 6 minutes ago Germany's chancellor said the decision by US lawmakers to approve more foreign aid for Ukraine was a "strong signal." Western military experts believe the move will cause Russia to intensify its offensive. DW has more. © 2024 Deutsche Welle US Congress passes long-delayed Ukraine aid bill Ana Shorter 2 hours ago2 hours ago The US House of Representatives has approved nearly $61 billion in aid and military support for Ukraine. Although the majority of Republican lawmakers voted against it, Democrats and moderate Republicans prevailed. © 2024 Deutsche Welle US House approves major military aid package for Ukraine Published 04/20/2024Published April 20, 2024last updated 16 hours agolast updated 16 hours ago The package has been stalled by political infighting and comes amid Kyiv's repeated calls for assistance. © 2024 Deutsche Welle Soldiers in Ukraine anxiously await US weapons Frank Hofmann | Mykola Berdnyk 19 hours ago19 hours ago Without US support, Ukraine's defenses would crumble.The situation on Ukraine's front line is dramatic, an artillery officer explains. © 2024 Deutsche Welle

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