domingo, 28 de abril de 2024

Middle East updates: Video shows hostages alive in Gaza © 2024 Deutsche Welle +++

Middle East updates: Video shows hostages alive in Gaza Hamas' armed wing has released a video showing two hostages in Gaza urging Israel to strike a deal. A meeting of the World Economic Forum in Saudi Arabia is expected to focus on tensions in the Middle East. DW has more. © 2024 Deutsche Welle Latest Hamas hostage video ups pressure on Netanyahu Israel says a planned assault on Rafah in the Gaza Strip could be suspended if a deal is agreed with Hamas to free hostages taken during October 7 attacks. A new Hamas video showing two hostages is renewing pressure on the Netanyahu government to secure the release of all those still being held. © 2024 Deutsche Welle What you need to know about a possible Rafah offensive Andreas Noll 22 hours ago22 hours ago Israel is preparing for an offensive in Rafah despite warnings from aid organizations and allies. The Israelis have been building emergency accommodation there. © 2024 Deutsche Welle

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