martes, 16 de abril de 2024

Middle East updates: EU to hold talks after Iran attack © 2024 Deutsche Welle +++

Middle East updates: EU to hold talks after Iran attack Published 5 hours agoPublished 5 hours agolast updated 1 hour agolast updated 1 hour ago Foreign ministers from the EU will be discussing the developing situation in the Middle East after Israel indicated it would respond in the aftermath of Iran's drone and missile attack over the weekend. DW has more. © 2024 Deutsche Welle Gaza city: Bakery reopening brings bread to hungry families Alex Footman 5 hours ago5 hours ago Families in Gaza's north, long reliant on scant expired flour since Israel-Hamas war began, have now secured enough bread for several days. The World Food Program has confirmed new supplies of fuel and flour for the harshly blockaded region, which bore the brunt of the initial Israeli offensive. © 2024 Deutsche Welle Jordan helped Israel against Iran, now locals are protesting Cathrin Schaer | Emad Hassan | Hamza al-Shawabkeh 20 hours ago20 hours ago Despite much loud and public anger about Israel's conduct in Gaza, Jordan came to Israel's aid this weekend. Jordanians who have protested against Israel are feeling betrayed. © 2024 Deutsche Welle © 2024 Deutsche Welle

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