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Producers tackle Hollywood bias on abortion with film on Roe v. Wade

Producers tackle Hollywood bias on abortion with film on Roe v. Wade

Producers tackle Hollywood bias on abortion with film on Roe v. Wade

A daring drama about the history behind the landmark Supreme Court case
Michael Cook | Jan 17 2018 | comment 

Oscar-winning Jon Voight will feature in a new film about Roe v. Wade 
According to Cecile Richards, the face of Planned Parenthood, the 1973 Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade “ended the long nightmare of women dying in America from unsafe and illegal abortions”. It was “a new day for women’s health — and the health and well-being of their families.”
This Peter Pan puffery masks not only the sleazy reality of on-demand abortion as well as the dark and sordid history which preceded the decision.
Now some daring Hollywood producers are planning to dramatize this landmark legal case and strip the happy-clappy mask from its raddled face.
The executive producers of the film, Roe v. Wade, are Martin Luther King Jr’s daughter, Dr. Alveda King, Hollywood personality Nick Loeb, and Nick Byassee. They are trying to raise US$2 million through crowd funding on IndieGoGo to finance the film, but they have already secured distribution through a thousand cinemas.
It’s off to a good start, as Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie) has been engaged to play a Supreme Court justice.
The narrative of this film is completely different from the story of liberation, autonomy and happiness spruiked by Planned Parenthood. Al Alveda King says in a promotional video:
This big screen movie is the real untold story of how mountains of lies led to an injustice which deprived millions of persons of human dignity and human rights.
About 60 million babies have been aborted since Roe v. Wade – a terrifying figure – yet most people simply do not grasp that it has had immense moral and social consequences. A professionally produced film which can compete with Hollywood blockbusters is a powerful way to crack public opinion.  
The script will begin with Margaret Sanger, a birth control activist who was ferociously active from the 1920s to the 1950s. She teamed up with a dedicated abortionist, Dr Bernard Nathanson.
Together with the famous feminist Betty Friedan, Nathanson searches for a stooge who will be the face of a court case which will bring abortion to the Supreme Court. This is Norma McCorvey, a young, poorly-educated girl from Texas.
A character representing the pro-life side is Dr Mildred Jefferson, the first African-American woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. She believed that she became a doctor to protect life, not destroy it. Not only was she trying to save lives, she was trying to save her ethic community. She eventually became the head of the National Right to Life Committee, the oldest and largest pro-life organisation in the US.
With a good script, the dynamics of this story will be amazing. Both Nathanson and McCorvey made 180-degree turns, abandoned abortion and become pro-life campaigners.
The film could energize many people who know little about the issues involved in abortion.
Are abortion-friendly media scared by the prospect of a film which could upset the apple cart? The producers think so. They claim that Facebook has banned them from inviting friends to "Like" our page and from "sharing" our paid ads.
Check out the IndieGoGo site now!
Michael Cook is editor of MercatorNet.


January 17, 2018

If there is one thing the nightly shaming of sexual harassment perpetrators has taught us it is that many girls and young women live to regret sexual experiences they were either ambivalent about at the time they occurred, being unsure of their own feelings, or simply too scared to reject or report assaults.

Reading today’s important article by Dr John Whitehall about the hundreds of children being referred for professional help for gender dysphoria, and the predilection of therapists for putting them on the sex change track, one foresees another and even more sensational debacle up ahead when they have lived to regret such drastic interventions in their lives – that is, those who have not become suicide statistics in the meantime.

Dr Whitehall is Professor of Paediatrics at Western Sydney University. In his article he sets out facts about the seriously negative effects of drug and surgical interventions that those administering them must know, but have never put before the Australian Family Court. And now that particular court has washed its hands of the matter, they never will. Read the article, and be informed, if not shocked.

Plus: The movie that abortion-friendly media (Facebook?) don’t want to materialise: Roe V Wade. Perhaps you can give the makers a hand.

Carolyn Moynihan 
Deputy Editor,
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Producers tackle Hollywood bias on abortion with film on Roe v. Wade
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