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Music This Week: Politically Charged | The Indian Express

Music This Week: Politically Charged | The Indian Express

Music This Week: Politically Charged

POST-. definitely holds the lyrical spirit and musical qualities of a sequel, however, it expands in directions which WORRY. did not.

Written by Pallabi Munsi | Updated: January 6, 2018 12:46 am
Music This Week: Politically Charged
POST-, JEFF ROSENSTOCK, Quote Unquote Records/poly vinyl

Over the last one year, many American artists have been trying to make sense of the toxic sociopolitical landscape but very few have been able to analyse it better than Jeff Rosenstock, whose previous album WORRY. dropped a week before the results of the 2016 US Presidential elections.
The results declared on November 8, 2016, may have hit like an isolated, cataclysmic incident but it is increasingly appearing to be the logical endpoint of the American experiment — resulting in economic and cultural panic. Rosenstock’s breakthrough solo album WORRY. tackled all of it with frenzied eloquence. To paraphrase his famous Wave Goodnight To Me, when it all came into focus — insistent police brutality, urban displacement, the bursting of the music festival bubble, Reddit’s sociopathic influence—Rosenstock was ready for it, the rare artist who managed to be both prescient and timely in 2017.

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