sábado, 27 de enero de 2018

Hours to shut down Hong Kong’s ivory trade!

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On Wednesday, Hong Kong will vote on whether or not they'll ban ivory trading. This is a HUGE moment that could turn around the poaching crisis driving elephants to extinction! Hong Kong's lawmakers care about their global reputation --let's flood them with messages from around the world to make sure they back the ban: 

Dear friends,

After our massive campaignHong Kong lawmakers are about to vote on whether to close the ivory trade

This is as high stakes as it comes. The global ivory trade is driving elephants to extinction, and Hong Kong is a major hub. It’s simple -- to turn around the poaching crisis, we HAVE to win this ban. 

Right now, Wednesday’s vote looks like it’s going down to the wire. Hong Kong’s lawmakers care about their global reputation -- so if they get messages from all over the world calling them to back the ban, it could make all the difference. Click the link to send a personal message now! 

Send a message to help ban ivory in Hong Kong
Nearly a million of us have backed the call on Hong Kong to close the ivory trade. Now we have a golden chance to make it happen -- let’s not miss it. 

In hope and gratitude, 

Bert, Danny, Julie, Sarah, and the rest of the Avaaz team 

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