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Israel-Hamas war: No 'major ground operation' in Rafah — US © 2024 Deutsche Welle +++

Israel-Hamas war: No 'major ground operation' in Rafah — US Published 14 hours agoPublished 14 hours agolast updated 6 hours agolast updated 6 hours ago The White House said the US had not seen Israel "smash into Rafah" amid an international outcry and intensified bombardment in the southern Gazan city. DW has the latest. https://www.dw.com/en/israel-hamas-war-no-major-ground-operation-in-rafah-us/live-69209616 © 2024 Deutsche Welle Israeli tanks enter Rafah, but deny shelling refugee tents Lauren Baker 7 hours ago7 hours ago As Israeli tanks entered central Rafah for the first time, the Israeli military rejected claims it hit tents in a second Palestinian refugee camp west of Rafah, in a designated safe zone, killing at least 21 people. Despite criticism from allies, Israel is pressing ahead with its offensive on the southern Gaza city. https://www.dw.com/en/israeli-tanks-enter-rafah-but-deny-shelling-refugee-tents/video-69211797 © 2024 Deutsche Welle Israel needs to abide by international law: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz https://www.dw.com/en/israel-needs-to-abide-by-international-law-german-chancellor-olaf-scholz/video-69209110 © 2024 Deutsche Welle

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